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Fundraising is a teachable skill. These courses are designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence as you upskill in fundraising topics.

Applying to Grant Givers Training

Client quotes from Applying to Grant Giver Training

"I’ve been fundraising through grants for a while now and had a number of successes but I had no idea the amount of gaps in my knowledge that have now all been filled in."


"Your training was brilliant"

This comprehensive training covers 5 hours worth of teaching covering all the basics of applying to Grant-Givers as well as advice to take your applications to the next level. Whether you're looking to train from scratch or upskill your knowledge, this training covers it all.

The five videos cover:

Understanding Grant-Givers

Core preparation

Writing a template letter

Researching Grant-Givers

Grant-Giver Stewardship

You can also choose optional extras to boost your confidence even further as follow-up support.

Pricing options

Access to Applying to Grant Givers Training Module £300

Additional places from within the same registered non-profit £20 (each receive their own log-in and sent resources and certificate). You'll need to request an invoice for additional places.

Optional extras

Proofread your template letter £90

Proofread your template letter and start the research for you £190 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Training delivered exclusively for you in person

If you would like the same training but delivered in person (or online), you can book this exclusively for you.

This option gives you the flexibility to choose: ·        

Method of delivery (e.g. in person or on zoom)       

Session lengths (e.g. delivered in one day, two half days or five separate sessions)      

Date(s) of delivery to suit you        

Timing of delivery (including evenings)  

Printed workbooks are provided as part of the package and extra resources are emailed at the end of the training. For extra staff or volunteers paid for, they receive their own workbook and separate certification at the end of the training.  

Pricing options

Exclusive delivery of Applying to Grant Givers Training £600

Additional places from within the same registered non-profit £20 (each receive their own workbook and certificate)

Travel expenses are charged at 45p/mile.

Optional extras

Proofread your template letter £90

Proofread your template letter and start the research for you £190 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

To book this training, you will need to arrange a free quote call to check availability.

Online Training Module Mini Matters

Explore other training topics available straight away from the Online Training Module. Typically around an hour, each comes with a video and downloadable work for notes, examples and templates.

All £30 each with discounts available for mulitiple purchases within the same organisation.

Donor Stewardship

Fundraising Strategy

Pitching to a Funder

Raising money through individuals is a great way to provide sustainable funds for your non-profit. This training explores how to steward your donors and lead them to lifetime donors including a template Donor Stewarship Strategy.

Raising funds doesn't happen by accident! To raise substaintial funds for your work, it takes strategic planning and exploring your options. This training shows you how to start and includes a Fundraising Strategy Tempate to start you in the right direction.

If you're giving a pitch to a grant-giver, major donor or at a fundraising event, you want to create something that will motivate people to give to your non-profit. This training covers how to craft the perfect pitch and considerations in delivering it.

"There were lots of important pointers to take away and think about. Even after seven years, you think you know it all and that you have thought about everything. Listening to you, I realised I didn't know it all and I hadn't thought about it all. I would recommend the training to anybody!" 

"The session was so practical and has given me lots of ways to write a fundraising strategy for my organisation.
These are the best value for money training sessions I have ever been on."

"Dani Knox is one the best communicators I know! Gaining some insight and knowledge from her is definitely a must if you want pitch your ideas, give a speech or communicate more effectively!"

“Dani’s work as a fundraiser was nothing short of miraculous! She showed a real aptitude for understanding the criteria funders were looking for and tailoring bids accordingly. As a result of this thorough and detailed approach, the organisation was able to expand rapidly due to the high proportion of successful bids Dani put together.”